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Public Health/Plumbing & Fire Fighting

Our plumbing design team is involved in projects from the concept and to implementation of the design. Our team has the technical knowledge and expertise required to handle a large, complex projects and small projects. We have earned a reputation as an experienced and innovative leader in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design.

Public Health/Plumbing & Fire Fighting Scope of Works

We shall provide the following:

  • Provide preliminary Public Health & Plumbing plans for Client’s consideration.
  • Provide preliminary Fire Fighting plans for Client’s consideration.
  • After Client’s approval and incorporate amendments (if any) provide Public Health Plumbing layout plans which includes:
    • Assessment of population & estimation of water demands and sewage flows as per standards.
    • Fresh Water Piping Layout.
    • Waste Water Piping Layout.
    • Overhead & Underground Tank Arrangements.
  • After Client’s approval and incorporate amendments (if any) provide Fire Fighting layout plans which includes:
    • Assessment & design of firefighting system as per standards.
    • Sprinkle System Layout.
    • Fire Fighting Hose Rail Layout.
    • Fire Fighting Tank Arrangements.
    • Critical Fire Fighting System Design for IT & Electrical System (Fire Detection Tubing, FM-200 Aspirating System).
  • Provide capacity of submersible, Jockey, Booster & Firefighting Pump of whole building.
  • Provide tender drawings and bill of quantities.
  • Provide engineer’s cost estimate and basis of estimate.