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" Innovation distinguishes between a
   leader and a follower "     -Steve Jobs

-Our Vision & Mission-

Dedicated, stable, dynamic and absolutely reliable – at Raahim Associates, that is exactly how we pride ourselves. Focus, quality, commitment, and a strong connect with Client requirements form the basis of our every interaction, enriching millions of lives across nations and communities. Most importantly, for each service that Raahim offers, we promise to be responsibly future-bound. Our professional ethic stands on a solid foundation of optimum energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and total compliance. Raahim plays a key role in bringing sustainability to the planet, respecting its prime position in the holistic evolution of our sector. Raahim transforms projects into renewable and breathtaking creations, advancing your superior vision into the ideal. We are an established regional Engineering Design consultant operating in all over Pakistan, with a strong track record of providing creative solutions for the most challenging of projects we are versatile, dynamic and growing business, focused on meeting the changing needs of our Clients. Our people are the secret of our success.


Raahim Associates is based on the principle of integrating innovation and creativity with high standards of excellence to obtain accurate, realistic and factual results in remaining true to its commitment to transform tomorrow. By upholding high technical and professional standards, we provide techno-economical solutions for the best of our knowledge to serve our clients with best in the business.

Our CEO Message

“To develop any organization, it is imperative to have proper systems and close monitoring on implementation”. The CEO’s strong believe in a systematic approach to ensure adherence to fundamental parameters of ‘Quality and Commitment’, requisites of the services industry as governed by the country in which the project is rolled out. The aim is to deliver well with quality assurance. Raahim Associates has served in major areas like Hospitals, Defense, Data Centers, Hotels, Commercial and Residential Apartments etc. The success of our firm lies in the effective execution of projects and the workmanship of our group. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to our clients for their confidence in our craft.



Our team offers a unique combination of skills and experience across marketing, creative and technical disciplines, all grounded in a deep understanding of social media.